In a bid to promote their island and its traditions, Câmara Municipal da Madalena (Portugal) organised an amazing record attempt for the Largest Portuguese folk dance.
The challenge took place as part of festivities  in the town of Madalena do Pico this summer.
An incredible 544 people grabbed a partner and performed a local popular dance called the Chamarrita, which originated in the Azores of Portugal and is still widely enjoyed during celebrations.
The participants danced in a circle formation inside a stadium while a large crowd of visitors watched.
Speaking of their accomplishment, a member of the City Hall of Madalena said, “It’s with great pride that we celebrate the achievement of this record. Proud to know that in this way our traditions are respected, renewed and projected into the future.”
An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to present a certificate once the record was verified and confirmed – the town has entered the historical Chamarrita dance into the record books.