Sunday saw British Cycling’s Breeze (UK), a women’s only cycling programme, set a new Guinness World Records title for the Most mechanical energy produced by pedalling on static bikes in one hour after 120 energetic females accumulated a total of 4821.40 watt hours (equalling 646 miles/1039.63 km) – cycling right past the 3,220 watt hours required.
As part of the Sky Ride Manchester celebration, the girls gathered at The National Cycling Centre – Manchester Velodrome before hopping onto one of 40 static Matric Fitness bikes.
Each participant pedalled for 20 minutes while the bikes calculated the total amount of power generated, with official Guinness World Records adjudicator P. Patel overseeing the record attempt.
British Cycling’s Breeze’s reason behind this feat of girl power was to encourage more ladies to cycle for both fitness and fun – their campaign (led by women, for women) aims to help them feel confident enough to cycle, and hopes to get one million more girls on bikes by 2020.
Jill Puttnam, Head of Operations at British Cycling, and a participant in the mass bike-ride, said, “This is an incredible achievement and the team should all be very proud of the efforts that they have put in to set this new Guinness World Records title. Everyone pedalling as fast as they could for twenty minutes was really tough, but incredibly rewarding, and setting the new record has made all of the time and hard work worthwhile.”
The inspiring record success was broadcasted live on Periscope via @BreezeNetwork.

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