Global United Media Company Pvt Ltd (India) has made the Largest poster ever as part of the promotion for Baahubali, a massive Indian film that was released earlier this month.
The film has the most expensive production in the history of Indian cinema and so it seems only appropriate that it should have an equally impressive advertisement.
After a lot of difficulty and hard work, the poster was finally laid out on the floor of the Sacred Hearts Ground, in Kerala and covered an immense space of 4,793.65 m² (51,598.21 ft²) - a space equivalent to 18 tennis courts.
The movie poster humbles the previous record-holding poster which had an area of 4,709.30 m² (50,690.28 ft²) and was achieved by AK Parti (Turkey), in Istanbul, Turkey, only a month before.
Watch the video to see how the biggest poster in the world was created: