There was plenty of dancing in the streets in the City of Mandaluyong in the Philippines at the weekend as it hosted the world's Largest Zumba class ever attempted, with 12,975 energetic participants in attendance.
The crowd of fitness fans all clad in matching yellow t-shirts out-danced fellow Philippine city Cebu, who had previously set the record the record in October 2014 with a workout involving 8,232 participants.
As required to achieve the record, professional Zumba instructors occupied stages at various areas of Martinez Street in Barangay Addition Hills and lead the non-stop, 30-minute class that started at 6:30 am.
Once the class was finished, official Guinness World Records adjudicator Alan Pisxley was on hand to announce the successful attempt to the thousands of exhausted, yet happy, new record-holders.
The event formed part of the birthday celebrations for the city’s Mayor, Benhur Abalos who recently won a UN Public Service Award for launching a health care program encouraging people to engage in more active lifestyles.
The massive Zumba session was organised by the city’s government and the Mandaluyong City Nutrition Committee, which has planned fitness events and exercise programs for the past four years.
Zumba is an increasingly-popular fitness class which originates in Columbia and is made up of a mix of samba, salsa, hip-hop and other dance steps, as well as techniques like lunging and squats.