International money transfer company TransferWise has smashed the record for the Largest human currency symbol after 351 employees of 35 different nationalities formed the shape of the Euro sign in Tallin, Estonia.
TransferWise gathered the employees from across its five offices in Europe and the US to create the enormous Euro symbol during the company's bi-annual away-day “Summer Days”.
The aim of the event is to engage employees in discussing the company’s plans to make finance fairer, with this year's activities also including a hike through the Estonian forests and a “soap hockey” tournament.
Co-founder Taavet Hinrikus said of the event, “We bring our whole team together twice a year because our culture is essential to our success as a company … We’re on a mission to make the world a little bit better by making finance fairer for our customers. That’s no small challenge and that’s why we spend time bringing our team together and making sure they know and trust each other completely.”
TransferWise - above view
Founded by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann four years ago, TransferWise is one of Europe’s fastest growing financial technology companies.
Customers now send €700 million through the platform every month, which means they’re saving €31 million a month compared to if they sent the money through a bank, lending this latest record an extra significance.
Not only does the symbol signify money saved, but the record also reflects TransferWise's ability to beat banks - the previous record of 327 people was held by bank North East Chamber of Commerce (UK), who held the title for less than a month before it was bettered by TransferWise.
Taavet Hinrikus said, "Everyone in the company is happy that TransferWise is a Guinness World Records title holder!”