Foxes Citroen Guinness World Records

Grammy award winner Foxes teamed up with Citroën last week to set a Guinness World Record title for most live concerts in 12 hours in multiple cities. 

Foxes Citroen City to CityThe C1TY TO C1CTY record attempt involved a compact tour of concerts in seven cities of the South East of England in only 12 hours, using the New Citroën C1 car as a vehicle to travel between all venues. 

Louisa Rose Allen, better known by her stage name Foxes, kicked off the attempt in her home city of in Southampton at 10 am before going on to perform in Brighton, Guildford, Reading, Oxford and High Wycombe and finally finishing the tour in London at 10 pm with just a minute to spare.

Foxes concert Guinness World Records attemptAll revenue from the performances went to support Trekstock’s charitable fundraising activities for young people with cancer.

According to official guidelines, each show had to take place a minimum of 50 km (31 miles) from the last and be given before a minimum of 10 audience members for the entire duration of the concert. Foxes fans turned out in big numbers venue after venue making the mark easily achievable for the popular songwriter.

While driving from gig to gig with the Citroën C1 car, all traffic regulations and laws were also observed since any traffic offence or infringement (such as speeding) would have had invalidated the record attempt.

Foxes Guinness World Records CertificateThe British singer performed favourites including ‘Youth’ and ‘Let Go For Tonight’, as well as debuting her new single Bodytalk for the first time. Foxes was supported by different up-and-coming bands and singers at each venue, being all managed by Youtube hosts Popshack TV.

In addition to thousands of pounds fundraised for Trekstock via ticket sales, Citroën also gifted the record attempt vehicle, a stylish New Citroën C1, to the charity. The car will be entered in their 5th birthday charity auction – taking place in September.

Commenting on her history-making trek, the star said: “I’ve always thought it would be amazing to be a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder, so this opportunity was just too good to miss” .