The Los Angeles Angels Baseball team wanted to organise a memorable event in honour of this year’s Cinco de Mayo and do something that would engage their fans. There’s nothing more exciting than a mass participation record attempt and a successful bid for the Largest gathering of people wearing sombreros world record certainly hit it out of the park.
Endeavouring to set a previously untried record, Angels Baseball fans were given colourful Angels-branded Mexican hats as they arrived at Angel Stadium in Anaheim California, USA for their game against the Seattle Mariners.
A huge crowd of 28,246 eager baseball supporters donned sombreros at the start of the fifth inning.
Shortly afterwards a Guinness World Records adjudicator was thrilled to confirm that a record had indeed been set .
This was a fitting record to attempt for the occasion as Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory against the French 1862, and the hats were a great way of honouring Mexican American’s ethnicity whilst encouraging fans to participate with the Angels brand in a fun way.
Angels Baseball - stadium portrait
The team is no stranger to making record-breaking history as this is the sixth consecutive year that the team has used the power of record-breaking to thrill their fans during a national celebration.
Participants present for the record-attempt posted photos of themselves in their branded sombreros and delighted fans spread news of the record on social media sites.
In addition to this, there was widespread traditional media interest including coverage from online news sites Patch and SBNATION.

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