Telstra Corporation in partnership with Ericsson and Ciena have been awarded with a Guinness World Records title for longest un-regenerated terrestrial fibre optic link, covering a total amount of 10,358.16 km (6,436.26 mi).

Australia's leading telecommunications service provider successfully deployed the un-regenerated link between Melbourne – Sydney – Perth (5,179km), which loops back at Perth to complete the record-breaking distance. 

The feat sets a new milestone for optical transmission supporting the transfer of data between these cities in a matter of tens of milliseconds.Telstra Longest Optical Link 2To achieve the record, a set of tests including a stability test, latency test and a 10,000 km loopback test were carried out by a group of engineers and verified by Guinness World Records officials.

The signal was successfully transmitted without any regeneration demonstrating an outstanding network performance for latency, resiliency, capacity and unparalleled reach. 

”By not having intermediary optical and data regeneration, cost and latency performance is optimised. It’s like an airline passenger having a non-stop long distance flight – time is not wasted without any additional cost” stated Ericsson in its press release.Telstra Longest Optical Link 3

”We are pleased to receive a Guinness World Records title for 10,358 km un-regenerated terrestrial optical transport link between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth” said David Robertson, Director Transport and Routing Engineering at Telstra.