Employees of Egencia, Expedia’s business travel management company, marked a year of outstanding results at its annual conference by setting two new suitably travel-themed Guinness World Records titles.

The conference, which was being hosted in Europe and North America simultaneously, saw Egencia executives encourage employees to set sights higher for the year ahead while celebrating a company culture steeped in innovation and fun and recognizing their team’s milestones in 2014.
At the European event in Rome, 294 attendees from Europe and the APAC region set in position wearing white dust suits to form the Largest Human Image of an Airplane. 
Overseen at all times by Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator Pravin Patel, the length of the human plane measured a record-breaking 15.5 m (50 ft 10 in) with a total wingspan of 16.5 m (54 ft 1 in).Egencia Guinness World Records Largest Human Image Plane
Meanwhile at Egencia’s North American conference in Whistler, Canada, employees successfully struck the record for Longest Chain of Paper Aircrafts with effort consisting of 1,582 planes. The record demanded a remarkable team effort in order to create  the vast amount of paper aircraft from standard A4 paper. 
Egencia Guinness World Records longest chain paper airplanes
The attempt proved an a perfect employee engagement exercise, with Egencia staff posting and sharing pictures of their achievements across social media.  Expedia’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also joined in to commend Egencia’s record-breaking efforts.
“Guinness World Records was extremely helpful in working with us to find meaningful record attempts that leveraged our goals and focus for the Egencia teams in 2015”, stated Anne McElroy-Arnaud, Egencia Europe’s PR Manager.