Les Grands d’Espagne
Les Grands d’Espagne, a premium grocery store in Paris, highlighted it’s speciality for Spanish delicacies last month by playing host to a demonstration of record-breaking knife skills.
The store, which is renowned for its Pata Negra ham, was the venue for a successful attempt by master Spanish ham cutter Noé Bonillo Ramos for the longest marathon slicing meat title.
The 29-year-old butcher had originally set the record back in 2013, but had seen his record beaten twice, most recently by fellow Spaniard Gregorio Perez Fernandez last year, who had set the benchmark at 40 hours.
Les Grands d’Espagne 1Meat slicing is regarded as something of an art born out of tradition in Spain, and Noé would need to show particularly precise blade skills to set a new record, with the Guinness World Records rules stating that each slice had to remain consistent in size with a minimum thickness of 0.5 millimetres and a maximum thickness of 1.5 millimetres.
Supported and pushed by Les Grands d’Espagne, Noé retained his record in some style, managing to slice meat for a history-making 72 hours, 13 minutes and 8 seconds. 
Les Grands d’Espagne 3During this attempt, the super slicer rested for a total of five hours and 59 minutes, divided upon 29 breaks (for all endurance record attempts, participants are allowed 5 minutes rest for every continuously completed hour of activity. These can be accumulated over the course of an attempt).
Noé sliced an incredible 154.33 kilograms of ham over the course of the attempt, all of which was donated to a local charity supported by Les Grands d’Espagne, linking their historic event to a good cause.