Al Tayer Group (UAE) partnered up with non-profit organisation Dubai Autism Centre to organise a record-breaking campaign which aimed to raise awareness about autism, and they invited children from all over the UAE to create the Longest painting ever made.
The final artwork measured a staggering 10,850 m (35,597 ft 1.32 in) when it was measured by Guinness World Records’ official adjudicator Mr Samer Khallouf this weekend at the Dubai Autodrome.
Children from various schools all over the country were given a canvas and encouraged to paint a self-portrait that would then become part of one super-stretched artwork.
The project was part of an eight-month-long campaign called “I’m Different Just Like You”, during which assemblies were held to teach children about autism and the importance of accepting others’ differences.
Around 20,000 students aged from 2-18 participated in the good cause campaign which broke the previous record of 10,075.12 m (33,054 ft 9.47 in), achieved by Southern Wuhu Weixing Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. (China) in September.
Khalid Al Tayer, CEO Retail, Al Tayer Group said: “Without [everyone’s] passion and commitment to the cause, celebrating and recognising the uniqueness of all children, we would not have broken the world record, and more importantly increased awareness about autism which affects one in every 88 children in the world.”