If you think you’ve already seen the most high octane action involving a rugby ball you'll see this year after watching the recent World Cup, then think again.
Coached by former England Rugby Union player Lewis Moody, pro stunt drivers Terry Grant and Lee Bowers pulled off a totally unique and potentially dangerous rugby interception which has set a record for the Greatest speed differential between the throw and catch of a rugby ball at 82.62 km/h (51.34 mph).
Organised by Rugby World Cup 2015 partner NatWest, the stunt saw two Nissan Juke cars driven at 30 mph on two wheels down Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, UK, with two daredevils passing a rugby ball between each other whilst leaning out of their vehicle windows.
Stunt rider Lee Bowers then proceeded to snatch the ball travelling at high speed while standing on top of a motorbike, dramatically securing a new world record.
Guinness World Records adjudicator Sam Mason witnessed the epic interception first hand and was able to confirm the team’s success on site.
Advisor Lewis Moody said: "I thought I had seen just about everything possible in rugby, but working with these stunt men travelling at such speeds and pulling off the pass at real pace is definitely something new for rugby."
Terry Grant, who was behind the wheel of one of the cars iinvolved in the attempt, has been having an amazing year for extreme record-breaking stunts, having less than two months ago completed the Largest loop the loop in a car ever.