Over 100 car-loving petrol heads welcomed in 2015 with a world record attempt unmatched in its noise, power and bizarre beauty.

Australia’s annual Street Machine Summernats event is known for its tyre burning, rubber screeching, engine howling action and this year it did not disappoint.

The four-day Summernats 28 event in Canberra, Australia, opened on January 1, 2015 with a fuel-injected record attempt - the largest simultaneous car-tyre burnout.



Burnout-panorama-3The record to beat was 68, set at Summernats 26 two years earlier. With the scorching hot weather and massive crowds the organisers were confident of smashing their old mark.

A total of 107 cars entered the burnout pad, each carefully lined up to avoid potential collisions. 

Twenty independent witnesses spread themselves around the burnout zone, each responsible for witnessing a handful of cars to ensure they all completed the burnout.

Burnout 2 

Then a howl of engines, over 100 of Australia’s toughest muscle cars redlining, filled the air. Less a noise and more a physical force, it was felt deep in the chest and heard miles away. 

The sound was followed by an overwhelming but strangely beautiful cloud of tyre smoke - white, pink and blue - that rose from the pavement and quickly blocked out any view of the cars themselves.

Once witness statements were gathered four cars were removed from the final tally, meaning the new burnout record successfully stood at 103 cars. It was a thrilling start to a massive event for the thousands-strong throng of Summernats faithful.