Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar in Dubai hosted an impressive breakfast event last week in a bid to spread a message of positivity, diversity and harmony throughout the United Arab Emirates, and celebrate the federation's Year of Giving initiative.
The Sikh place of worship invited a hugely varied group of people to the event, including special guests like the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, H.E. Navdeep Singh Suri, United Nations representative Frode Mauring, and dignitaries and diplomats from a range of countries.
Most nationalities having a continental breakfast women 
They all sat down to a traditional meal of bread, pastries, spreads, yogurt, cereal, and a beverage – hoping to start the day in record-breaking style.
With an incredible 101 different nationalities registered and over 600 people in attendance, a new Guinness World Records title was set for the Most nationalities having a continental breakfast
Most nationalities having a continental breakfast group photo 
Guinness World Records judge Hoda Khachab officiated the event, checking the passports of each participant.
She was thrilled to announce that the Gurudwara had almost doubled the previous record of 55 nationalities, achieved by Nutella at the Milan Expo in Italy in 2015.
Speaking after confirmation of the record, Surender Kandhari, Chairman of Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai, said:
Sikhism has always embraced diversity as it has been part of our faith and belief, that we are all human beings to be treated with respect. Gurudwara has been spearheading charity and volunteer work not only for the Indian community but for the entire UAE community as well. We feel blessed to give in any form or in kind as this is our way of selfless service to the society.