Enormous food drive across California sets record and feeds thousands

By Rachel Swatman
The Sacramento “Farm-to-Fork” Program works to feed the nation’s underprivileged residents and improve the food system, and so The Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau (USA) launched this year’s celebration of the organisation with a record-setting food drive for the Most fruit and vegetables donated in 24 hours.
Required to collect 25,000 lb to secure the record, by the close of the day the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services had distributed an incredible 77,529.73 kg (170,923 lb 12 oz) to families in need across the agricultural hub of Sacramento, California, USA.
Part of the Capitol Mall was closed to traffic while a line of trucks were packed with the healthy goods prior to the “parade of produce” convoy.
All the fruit and veg was fresh, as required by the Guinness World Records guidelines, and it was donated by generous grocers, farmers and other food providers, as well as the general public.
Once the clock stopped, official Guinness World Records adjudicator Casey DeSantis verified the record and was delighted to announce its success.

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