Cookie company Nestle Toll House recently marked its #BakeSomeGood campaign with a successful record attempt for the Longest baking marathon title. 
longest baking marathon 2
Aiming to do “baked” acts of kindness for 100 days straight using their array of chocolatey, peanut-buttery, and fudgy products, six young and passionate bakers who are actively involved in their community were selected to take part in the charitable challenge. 
The bakers have been participating daily in the challenge since October 17th, and so to mark the end of the campaign on the biggest note possible, Nestle Toll House aimed to achieve an incredible world record. 
In a large industrial kitchen located in Chicago, Illinois (USA), each of the six bakers set a goal to beat the previous record holder by one hour – meaning they would need to stay awake, actively baking for an enduring 25 hours. 
longest baking marathon 5
With adjudicators taking shifts throughout the span of the record, all bakers, with delightful smiles, continuously whisked, kneaded, and rolled throughout the evening, putting their best spatula forward. 
In order for the attempt to be valid, all participants had to bake each batch from scratch to adhere to guidelines, providing the freshest possible outcome. 
An estimated 4,000 cookies were made once the crew reached the 25-hour mark. 
longest baking marathon 3
To continue the good deeds that have gone on throughout the past 100 days, all cookies produced during the attempt were packaged and donated to Meals on Wheels, and were distributed to elderly or disabled people who need meals delivered to their homes. 
At the close of the event, adjudicator Andy Glass presented all bakers with the good news of their new record title on a Facebook Live broadcast. 
longest baking marathon 4
With six official Guinness World Records certificates in hand, we say that Nestle Toll House truly achieved a delicious outcome.