Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in Rufford, Newark, UK has racked up a mouth-watering Guinness World Records title for the Tallest stack of pancakes - securing the record just in time for Shrove Tuesday.
The holiday company’s The Pancake House chefs – James Haywood and Dave Nicholls – expertly whipped up a total of 213 pancakes and created a staggering 101.8 cm (3 ft 4 in) pile.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel attended the attempt to ensure the stack was made entirely out of free-standing pancakes and was able to remain upright for at least five seconds after the chefs were finished constructing it.
Tallest stack of pancakes finished 
Mr Patel was thrilled to announce that Center Parcs successfully broke the previous record of 91.2 cm (2 ft 11 in), which was achieved by Efteling bv (Netherlands), at the Efteling theme park, in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands, in October 2014.
Following a certificate presentation, the Center Parcs team dismantled the heap and gave the pancakes out to guests, covered with delicious toppings.
Tallest stack of pancakes piles
Chef James Haywood said: “After many hours of preparation, and the longest five seconds of my life, I’m so proud to say that we’ve set a new Guinness World Records title. The Pancake House is not just a nod to our Dutch heritage – it’s something that’s become synonymous with Center Parcs, and is enjoyed by many families. Since we opened our doors in 1987, we’ve served enough pancakes to reach the top of Mount Everest, so it seems right that we now hold the Guinness World Records title! Shrove Tuesday is, naturally, one of our busiest days and this year our guests will be able to say they’ve eaten at a record-breaking restaurant.”
The record-breaking pancakes were created using 13 bags of flour, 360 eggs and 26 pints of milk.

Trickier than it looks, this popular stacking record has been challenged several times in recent years, most recently...

• 91.2 cm (2 ft 11 in) by Efteling bv (Netherlands) on 29 June 2014

• 87.4 cm (2 ft 10.41 in) by TNT's On The Menu (USA) on 2 October 2014

• 87 cm (2 ft 10 in) by Fukuoka Visionary Arts (Japan) on 29 June 2014

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