Hundreds of parent bloggers descended on London’s The Brewery over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of June to attend Britmums Live 2015 - the UK’s largest, two-day social media conference and blogger event. As the crowd mingled with brands and each other alike, the final preparations were being made for the mother of all ice-breaking record attempts in the venue’s main hall, a record attempt that had been teased but kept under-wraps.
The delegates took to the main hall and listened intently as inspirational and emotional speeches were given by keynote speaker Ella Woodward, and the remarkable Victoria Wright.
GWR adjudicator Justine Tommey then took to the stage and revealed that the room full of mums (and dads) would be wrapping each other as mummies, with a target of 50 in three minutes to beat.
The atmosphere was tense and anticipation palpable as the delegates began wrapping, with one eye on the clock and another on their chosen mummified mummy.
The clock reached three minutes and the room was awash with mummies, wrapped with the intent you’d expect from such a driven crowd. The view from the stage was spectacular to say the least.
Justine began counting, revealing each mummy as she went and before long, the results were in...with a count of 51 mummies, the GWR title had been broken by the tightest of margins – hailing the delegates of Britmums Live 2015 as new world-record holders and with a story to share for the rest of the weekend.
Guinness World Records was privileged to be exhibiting at BritMums Live 2015 and had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of bloggers who are at the front line of influencers in this space. We were delighted to make a lot of new friends and we're already looking forwards to next year's BritMums Live event.

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