South Yorkshire based online printing company Instantprint (UK) has produced the Largest business card ever as part of a marketing campaign to raise brand awareness.
The supersized card (which took only six seconds to print) measures an enormous 3.405105 m² (36.65 ft²) and is 728 times bigger than the original it was copied from - but it still satisfies all the requirements of a typical business card, with clear contact details on the front.
The business card was made out of a 5 mm Westland foam centred board with a matte paper finish on either side.
As part of the campaign Instantprint created giant replicas of some of their customers’ business cards, which they then delivered to them as a humorous surprise, capturing their shocked reactions on film.
The main record-breaking business card was unveiled to employees and customers in Rotherham, UK where Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel was on hand to verify the record and present the company with an official certificate.
Co-owner of Instantprint James Kinsella said: “What better way to celebrate our recent move to larger premises and investment in the very latest printing technology, than to demonstrate we can print just about anything!”
He continued: “It was a real relief to receive the certificate from Guinness World Records themselves, after months of planning from our team. I think it’s a childhood dream for most people to achieve a world record and we’ll definitely be displaying our certificate proudly.”
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