In a bid to push the FFD Vertical Plotter to its limits, the innovative technology was challenged to produce the Largest plotted image ever at the EXPO Milan 2015 earlier this week – and it succeeded.
The resulting graphics had an immense surface area of 878,7466m² (9458,7497ft²) and was achieved by Carlo Ratti Associati, Coop, INRES, Decsia, Dotdotdot, (all Italy), Nussli (Switzerland) and Sikkens – Akzo Nobel (Holland).
The Plotter drew visitors’ portraits on the front of the Future Food District (FFD) pavilion, constantly transforming different digital photographs into reality by moving on a versatile two-axes plane and using five colours of spray paint.
The FFD is a new building that explores how digital technology can positively affect people’s relationships with food and how it can impart important knowledge such as food’s origins and nutritional content.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi attended the EXPO to verify the attempt and congratulated the team with a certificate following their impressive feat.
A spokesperson for Carlo Ratti Associati said: “The Guinness World Records achievement demonstrates what we can do today, putting our mind behind a digital arm capable of constantly transforming the environment around us.”