Following the successful launch of the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit, Samsung UK wanted to reward the high-performing marketing team behind these campaigns with an activity thatwas both aligned with the nature of the products and would reaffirm their culture ofinnovation. The challenges also needed to be suitable for a large group - 180 employees - and broad demographic.

And the team certainly ended up shooting for the moon, with an incredible six record categories attempted by Samsung employees at their teambuilding day.

Using a combination of challenge-style record-breaking and group coordination, Samsung provided its marketing team of 180 employees the opportunity to both compete against each other for records and work together at team achievements at The Kia Oval at Surrey County Cricket Club.

Record challenges were truly personalised, including the fastest time to eat a KitKat,reflecting the Android’s Kit Kat OS. Other records up for grabs included the fastest tennis ball pass by a team, most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously, most T-shirts put on in 30 sec by a pair (pictured above), fastest time to type the alphabet forwards and backwards on a touch screen phone.

A leaderboard was used to log the best attemptswithin each zone and at the end of the qualifying rounds; the table-topping teamstook part in an official record attempt with a Guinness World Records Adjudicator.

Employees Finn Allen and Floris Blok (above) walked away the big winners on the day, having broken the T-shirt record with 10 in the half minute.

The day closed in fitting style with employees coming together as "one team" for a final high-energy record attempt at the fastest time to pop 1,000 balloons.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved from Guinness World Records on the day," said Simon Stanford, UK & Ireland vice president - IT & mobile division, for Samsung. "Their professionalism, enthusiasm and passion helped deliver what was without doubt the best team-building event that I have experienced.”