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When the time came to launch its new heart-shaped Greek yogurt brand, MIXIM™, parent company Ehrmann USA decided to swirl up a mix of romance, nutrition, and record-breaking.

Ehrmann has officially entered the record books by setting a new mark for the most couples feeding each other simultaneously. Aboard Los Angeles' iconic Queen Mary on Valentine's Day, 436 people (218 couples) fed each other one of six MIXIM flavors, surpassing the required amount of 125 total couples.

The record also allowed Ehrmann to donate $20,000 to its charity partner, the Children’s Heart Foundation.

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“We are excited to make history, but most of all, we are proud that our efforts helped benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation,” said Chris Solly, CEO of Ehrmann USA. “It was incredible to see all the people in attendance so excited about being part of this event."

To coincide with the most romantic of holidays, Ehrmann transformed the Queen Mary into "The Love Boat" by turning it bright pink for one special night, inviting consumers to take part in the record attempt. Thousands of Southern California residents turned out for the charitable event, with Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric in attendance to verify the successful proceedings.

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The crowd then faithfully celebrated the history they made with open arms before going their separate ways, with a Valentine’s Day concert performed by Journey tribute band DSB. The night was capped off by a heart-shaped fireworks show. It was the first-ever Guinness World Records title achieved by Ehrmann.