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To mark its organization's rebranding after the combination of Skandia and Old Mutual, UK investment firm Old Mutual Wealth decided to show that a penny saved can be a penny earned can be a penny put to record-breaking use.

Employees of the company spent three weeks laying out more than 250,000 coins of various denominations to create the largest coin mosaic.

The final-record breaking tally measured 140.14 m² (1,508.45 ft²) when unveiled recently in Southampton. The project came together as part of a collaboration with Positive Thinking and All About Art.

The group certainly had its work cut out for it, as the coin mosaic record had been broken twice elsewhere during the three weeks that this one was being assembled. This attempt broke the previous record - set just 12 days prior - with ease, nearly doubling the old mark of 79.03 m² (850.59 ft²).

In the end, the coins were put to great use, as more than £60,000 ($95,387) was rasied for various charities which Old Mutual Wealth supports, and the new brand had an iconic achievement upon which to bestow its name.

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