To celebrate the launch of its three new 100% juice blends, POM Wonderful recently decided to throw quite literally a history-making party.

Celebrities Cheryl Burke and Karina Smirnoff of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" traded their waltzing shoes for hula skirts to celebrate the launch of POM Juice Blends at the Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas. They led a group of pool partygoers who broke the Guinness World Records title for the Longest airborne inflatable beach ball relay.

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Revelers kept a beach ball in the air for 125 consecutive passes without letting the ball touch the ground. POM Wonderful attempted the record to showcase its three newest blends: POM Hula, POM Coconut and POM Mango.

"We wanted to achieve something no one has ever seen before, because we're launching a product no one has ever seen before," said Marc Seguin, POM Wonderful's vice president of marketing.

The combination of Burke and Smirnoff with the Guinness World Records attempt proved a potent mix for POM Wonderful. Facebook and Twitter posts related to the event from the aforementioned's respective accounts totaled 2,274 likes, 30 shares, 261 comments, 46 retweets, 91 favorites and having reached 732,698 total followers.

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"People love pool parties and people love knowing they're the best in the world at something," said official Guinness World Records adjduciator Morgan Wilber. "Seeing the two combined was a very unique way for POM Wonderful to host a memorable record event."