An incredible, vertigo-inducing piece of art in Lyon city centre in France commissioned by Renault has set a new world record for largest anamorphic print.

Created by artist François Abélanet as part of a product launch for the car manufacturer, the print was made up of 25 separate pieces which had to be sewn together.


In total, it took five months to create from design to realisation.

With an aim to show trucks in city and country environments, the image depicts a scarily accurate aerial view of a city and a rural area, giving pedestrians a sense that they are walking on a glass bridge high over mountains, water, and skyscrapers.

Describing his method, Abélanet, pictured far right above, explains that viewers visiting the work can see that "different creations will emerge without being able to see the trick. Because there is no trick: an anamorphosis is the result of very precise calculations. And also a bit of imagination."