Members of the public in Dubai got their day off to the perfect start last Friday, by setting a trio of breakfast-themed world records.

During an event organised by Kellogg's Middle East & Africa at Dubai's Marina Mall, a record-setting 1,354 participants sat down to eat together for the world's largest cereal breakfast.

The massive meal beat the previous record for a breakfast attendance which was 841 people, set in Kent in the UK last year.


Stalls were set up to serve cereals prepared in different styles from countries such as Russia, India and the Philippines.

In order to seat the huge number of gathered diners, the organisers required a super-sized piece of furniture, so a table stretching an incredible 301 m (987 ft 6.36 in) along the marina's promenade was created for the attempt, in turn setting a new world record for longest table.


To round matters off, Kelloggs also unveiled the world's largest cereal box at the event, which measured 2.84 m (9 ft 3.84 in) in length, 1.11 m (3 ft 7.68 in) in depth and 4 m (13 ft 1.44 in) in height.

One of the many participants who helped set the record was Gina Gelvero, originally from the Philippines, who got up at 4.40am to take part.

"I live in International City so I had to take many buses to make it but it was worth it," she said. "The event was amazing."

Speaking after the event, Rachel Fellows, director of communications and brand public relations at Kellogg's, said: "It is the most important meal of the day and often the most neglected.

"We're passionate about building awareness of breakfast and making it fun, and the record attempt felt like a good way to do both.

"This was a family event and having breakfast with your family should be part of your daily routine."

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