Many of the most iconic Guinness World Records achievements have been broken by groups of tens, hundreds, and even thousands coming together toward one goal.

And now, the global authority on record-breaking has introduced a way to recognize them all.

Guinness World Records is proud to announce its recently launched “ Certificate of Participation” service to record-breaking groups around the world. It marks a watershed opportunity for individuals who attended mass participation world record attempts – and whose unique participation made those attempts successful – to receive formal, official recognition for their efforts.

Each certificate is available for purchase after a successful attempt, with the use of serialized, unique codes provided to record event organizers. Organizers are then encouraged to share these codes with participants for the attempts they undertake, allowing all those who helped make history to own a piece of it.

While event organizers will still be awarded their own individual certificates, the Certificate of Participation will state an individual participant’s name, recognizing their involvement in the record, as well as listing the full record details.

This all comes printed on irreplicable Guinness World Records paper stock, along with an official seal of acknowledgement, provided in a convenient holding sleeve with a foreword signed by Guinness World Records President, Alistair Richards.

Now the 104,173 Michigan and Michigan State fans who packed Michigan Stadium in 2010 for the largest attendance at an ice hockey game can prove they had a seat for one of the sport’s legendary contests.

And those who painted themselves blue in 2011 for the largest gathering of Smurfs in multiple venues can own a unique keepsake that reminds them of the time they joined with thousands of fellow record breakers across 11 countries to make history.

Guinness World Records invites all mass participation record organizers past and future to inquire about certificates of participation for their attempts, with more information available here.