JOY, the leading dish washing liquid detergent in over 31 countries, created Malaysian history recently by breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest line of washed plates. A total of 26,213 washed plates lined the running tracks of Bukit Jalil, measuring 6.84 km (4.25 mi). The new world record was achieved with just one single 800ml bottle of JOY.

Procter & Gamble, the company behind the event, were accompanied by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicators and the hungry appetite of more than 20,000 Malaysians, who supported this record-breaking feat by consuming thousands of plates of Malaysia’s favourite dish – Nasi Lemak.

After the meal, the dishes were then washed and placed in the record line.

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“I’m extremely happy that JOY has broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title," said Nicolas de La Giroday, Country CEO, P&G Malaysia and Singapore. "This proves that JOY can wash an amazingly large number of plates and is five times more powerful than ordinary dish washing liquids. What a fantastic way for JOY, our 'Surprisingly Small but Surprisingly Powerful' dish wash liquid, to make Malaysia proud!”

Attending the record-breaking feat was Guest of Honour, Y.B. Tan Sri Datuk Panglima Joseph Kurup, from the Parliament of Malaysia.

“This achievement is a great display of our Nation and Rakyat coming together and uniting as one Malaysia to create history," Kurup said. "Sharing and bonding over a common love of food, everyone here today can proudly say they have contributed in helping put Malaysia on the map by obtaining a globally recognised record-breaking title.”

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JOY attempted the record to celebrate its newly launched product, which claims 5X more grease-cutting power than other brands. The event brought together the local public with celebrity guests and even included a friendly wash-off challenge, contributing towards the very last mile which broke the record.

The JOY product will be available in all local leading supermarkets and grocery stores from October.

"I certainly hope," said de La Giroday, "that after today, it will be the staple dish washing detergent on every kitchen counter in this country."