Guinness World Records (GWR) has been recognising incredible speedrun records for a few years now. 

We work with speedrun.com, a site that provides leaderboards, resources, forums and more for speedrunning, to track these records.

Speedrunning is playing a video game with the intent of completing it in the fastest time possible.

However, we're now taking our partnership with Speedrun.com to the next level by working directly with moderators from their community to create some totally new and unique GWR speedrun challenges.

If you head over to speedrun.com, you’ll see a brand new GWR page with three new speedrun challenges.

Here are the first three challenges:

1. Fastest time to beat all six boss rematches in Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo, 2017)

One of the most popular games for speedrunners is the latest instalment in the 3D Super Mario series.

GWR’s first speedrun challenge involves heading over to the Mushroom Kingdom world and taking on all boss rematches. How fast do you think you can take down all six?

Credit: Nintendo

2. Fastest time to complete all Muspelheim Impossible Trials in God of War (2018) with Common level equipment

As advertised in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2020, the next challenge is for 2018’s God of War.

The Muspelheim realm is engulfed with fire and lava and tasks the bearded god dad Kratos with a series of increasingly difficult combat challenges.

We want to see how fast you can beat the ‘Impossible’ difficulty ones.

However, you’ll have to swap all that fancy armour you saved up for and crafted throughout the games story for the most basic you have. We wouldn’t want to make things too easy!

Credit: Sony

3. Fastest time to collect all six enchanted apples on the 10 years of Minecraft map

To celebrate Minecraft turning 10 years old, Microsoft asked Blockworks (a collective of over 60 designers, animators, artists and developers from around the world) to create a map that was a celebration of everything Minecraft.

A tall order considering how beloved and wide reaching the game has become.

But Blockworks rose to the challenge and created a map that is essentially an interactive museum; displaying information about everything from all the different block types to explanations of the mind-boggling versatility of Redstone.

The map also contains giant golden apples, each containing a platforming puzzle and we want to see how fast you can complete all six in one go.

Credit: Microsoft

But it doesn’t stop there. These are only the first three challenges and more will be on the way in the future.

If you have a suggestion for a specific speedrun challenge please email gaming@guinnessworldrecords.com with your record idea and the proposed run rules and it could be considered for inclusion!

To whet your appetite, take a look at the speedrun videos up on our YouTube channel, including an interview with Brionac talking about his record for the fastest 32-Track completion of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with items on 200cc.

If you’re looking for even more speedrun action, from classics like the original Legend of Zelda (finished in 28 minutes by lackattack24) to newer and slightly more bizarre titles like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (1 minute 17 seconds by Stillow), you’ll find the record times and holders of speedrun.com’s 50 most posted for games from last year in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2020.

Gamer's Edition 2020