Georg Wessels with the record holders for largest feet on a living person and the tallest man in the world

Everyone has heard of the Guinness World Records titles like the largest feet on a living person or the tallest man living

But have you ever thought 'where do they find shoes big enough to fit their record-breaking feet'?

German shoe manufacturer, Wessels, established in 1745 has specialised in making customised shoes for the world’s tallest people for 40 years. 

Although Wessels was established almost 275 years ago, the shoe manufacturer is still family run. Recently we caught up with current owner Georg Wessels to learn more about his passion for helping those with the biggest feet in the world. 

Georg, left, with Sultan Kosen, the world's tallest man

Why did you begin custom making large shoes?

My father already made shoes in large sizes and we are now specialised for 40 years in this matter. Ever since then, we make shoes for the tallest people in the world. It was our task to supply the people in need. We discovered that the people who are affected by acromegaly, really need good fitting shoes. That is one of their biggest problems and we try to help them.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It is a pleasure for us to help them and it is also very nice to know that we have a lot of friends all over the world.

Jeison Rodriguez, who has the world's largest feet, receiving his new shoes in 2018

What was it like meeting Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández, record holder for largest feet on a living person (male) and the tallest man in the world, Sultan Kosen?

I met Jeison Rodriguez in 2013 when he was only 16 years old. For me it is very normal to meet any giant and help them and I'm always very happy to meet new friends. They become like family and they call me their family as well. I can say this for Jeison, Sultan Kösen, their families and many more.

Worlds-largest feet-tallest-people-wessels

Do you have any other highlights from the shop’s history?

I can recall a story about a real camel, which had problems with its feet. The owner had seen a film about us and contacted us. We were his last hope since no one else was able to help. This was in 2005. The shoes were a success and a picture of a camel with Wessels shoes made it around the world.


Do you plan to make more customised shoes for people with record-breaking feet? 

We recently made shoes for Charles Nyoni from Zimbabwe (better known as Big Charlie and is 6 ft 11 in / 2.1 m tall) and Win Zaw Oo from Myanmar (who is 7 ft 8 in / 2.33 m tall). We made shoes for 10 more giants this year, so we will keep on producing shoes and helping our friends.


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