Largest hula hoop spun

Hula hoop extraordinaire Getti Kehayova had a mission to continue her family’s legacy of being in the record books, and we’re happy to say she’s succeeded after becoming one of the stars of this year’s 2020 edition.

With an extraordinary passion for the art of hula hooping, Getti has swung her way into the new book for spinning the world’s largest hula hoop spun (female) at a whopping size of 5.18 m (17 ft 0.25 in) in diameter.

After hearing about the record for the first time when it was achieved by Yuya Yamada (Japan) for Guinness World Records Day, Getti knew that she needed to attempt this feat for herself.

 "I grew up in the circus with my sister and our parents, traveling all over the world performing as acrobats," she said. "And then my sister and I had my very own hula hoop act, so she is the one that basically got me started."

Largest hula hoop spun 2

Getti has loved hula hooping since she received her first hoop from her sister at the age of nine, and grew up training for many different acts in the circus.

Although she’s performed a number of stunts in her career, she mentions that achieving this record was harder than anything she has ever done before.

The record guidelines require that one must be able to spin the supersized hula hoop at least three times in order for it to qualify as a new record title.

"It was quite painful because the hula hoop is pretty heavy, so every time that revolution and spin comes around and it touches every part of your body, it kind of feels like a punch up against your body."

Getti actually had to use a protective vest in order to be able to safely spin the hula hoop.

Largest hula hoop spun 3

But despite nearly breaking a few ribs in attempting to set the title, her perseverance stemmed from her family’s long-history of record breaking.

"My dad set a Guinness World Records title for the 7-man high perch pyramid act. A person jumped off a teeter board, got catapulted to do a somersault in mid-air, and landed on top of as the seventh person as the stunt. My older sister had the record for the most hula hoops spun."

Wanting to live up to her family’s name, she practiced before work, after work, and on weekends in her neighborhood to master the motion needed to get the hoop off the ground.

Upon receiving the record, she was elated that her hard work and ambition paid off.

Largest hula hoop spun 4

Getti retired from performing just 4 years ago, which is what brought her to Las Vegas – the entertainment capital of the world.

 She now regularly teaching hula hoop classes, and actually works as a technician for Cirque du Soleil, and hopes others never give up in their pursuit to become Guinness World Records title holders.

To read more about Getti – and a host of other amazing record-breaking individuals – get your copy of Guinness World Records 2020, out now in shops and online.

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