Reality television personality Arthur Green (New Zealand) from dating show ‘The Bachelor NZ’ has got his teeth into a new record title for the Loudest crunch of an apple, after achieving an amazing 79.1 dB(C) bite. 
The official attempt took place at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand, in a sound cancelling booth where the background noise level had to measure under 60 dBc with Arthur required to stand 2.5 m away from the microphone.
Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberley Dennis oversaw the challenge to verify that the crunch was completed according to the strict Guinness World Records requirements.
The 32-year-old, who works in the film industry as a second Assistant Director, bit into a SweeTango apple provided by the Yummy Fruit Company.
The company claims that their fruit has such an impressive crunch because SweeTango apples have cells twice the size of regular apples.
Loudest crunch of an apple certificate presentation
Arthur is a brand ambassador for the Yummy Fruit Company, which decided to attempt the record promote their fruit range.
The company celebrated registering a record breaking crunch by donating an incredible 5,000 apples to the Auckland City Mission followingg the attempt.