Hollywood powerhouse and bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was thrilled to receive a commemorative Guinness World Records 60th anniversary certificate during a visit to Australia recently.
All the more special was the fact that it was presented after a record-breaking health event, the largest core fitness lesson, at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, Australia.
Largest core fitness lessonIconic Australian ironman and regular record breaker Guy Leech, and his Guy Leech Fitness business, organised the core fitness class which was sponsored by organic food and products business CitroLife. 
The class took the form of 10 lots of three-minute sessions, each with a small break in between. Each session included at least 60 seconds of gut-burning, tummy-tucking core fitness exercises, as well as general fitness action.
Largest core fitness lesson certificate presentationThe final result was 283 sweaty, happy but sore work out fanatics whose washboard tummies had just come several steps closer to reality. Ten members of the group were then invited to meet Arnie backstage.
Arnold Schwarzenegger finalThe big man didn’t disappoint, posing for photos with the record breakers and beaming happily at his own certificate, for his record for the longest time between Mr Olympia wins – five years.