Yesterday on our Facebook page, you voted to see a blog full of Filipino Guinness World Records - so here are five of the latest and greatest!


First up, a record I'm sure some of you reading this would have enjoyed being a part of - the Largest shot slam! 2,435 people took part in the event, each downing a shot of gin at the Naga City Coliseum in December 2010.

Next up, one of the Philippines' geographical features, which is as interesting and unusual, as it is difficult to say correctly - the Largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island. Vulcan Point is a tiny island some 40m long, inside Crater Lake at the summit of the Taal volcano, itself within lake Taal, on the island of Luzon.

From a natural feature to a man-made spectacle, that of the Most mentos and soda fountains. The minty sweets have a violent and foamy reaction when they come into contact with diet sodas, leading to these fountains. At this event at the SM Mall of Asia Complex in Manila, 2,865 such fountains were created simultaneously.


A different kind of mass explosion now, with the Most fireworks rockets launched in 30 seconds. 125,801 rockets were launched in Cebu in May 2010, from 16 stacks of 8,000 rockets each - creating quite the display!


Last, but by no means least, comes one of the very latest Filipino record breakers - Junrey Balawing was measured and confirmed to be the new Shortest living man when he turned 18 on 12 June this year. Junrey was found to be just 59.93cm (23.5 inches) tall when measured six times over a day at the Sindangan Health Centre near his home.