Guinness World Records concludes review into deepest scuba dive (male) record

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In the summer of 2020, Guinness World Records (GWR) received a series of anonymous claims which called into question the legitimacy of Ahmed Gabr’s attempt for the deepest scuba dive (male) record,  as awarded by GWR in September 2014.

The claims largely focused on the following apparent irregularities:

  • Between the dive plan and the dive itself, including gas mix observations.
  • In various readings and displays of technology.
  • In the rope angle calculation which determined the dive depth; and
  • The changing of tags which indicated the dive depth.

Although the claims were from an anonymous source, as the integrity of each record title is of the utmost importance to GWR, a thorough and lengthy review was undertaken in line with our standard appeals process.

The review, which took place between September 2020 and January 2021, encompassed the following:

  • Expert, impartial advice was sought – from the British Sub-Aqua Club; focusing specifically on the dive plan and gas mixes.
  • Reinterview of three independent witnesses present at the attempt; focusing on the tags, and rope angle calculation; and
  • Reinterview of GWR on-location adjudicator; focusing on variances on dive plan and technical discrepancies.

While the claims illuminated the potential for procedural improvements, based on our comprehensive review over many months, there is no conclusive evidence which establishes foul play. We are therefore satisfied that Mr Gabr did reach the depth of 332.35m. Consequently, we continue to recognise Mr Gabr as the record-holder for the Deepest scuba dive.

GWR is constantly reviewing and enhancing record guidelines, verification procedures and appeal processes as we strive to maintain the integrity of each one of our 47,000 record titles and retain the public’s trust. We welcome any opportunity which supports this endeavour.