Ashrita Furman (USA) – who holds the Guinness World Records title for holding the most Guinness World Records titles held – added another to his tally on 26 September 2007, when he takes a mere 23 min 28 sec to hop one mile on his pogo stick along the Brooklyn Promenade in New York while juggling, without falling or dropping a ball once.
Commonly known as “Mr Versatility”, owing to the mind-boggling variety of records to his name, as of 1 May 2014, Furman has set 521 records, of which 182 are still current.
Having set his first record in 1979 (completing 27,000 star jumps/jumping jacks), he hasn’t looked back. Ashrita's records are very diverse, ranging from fastest mile on a space hopper (13 min) to farthest distance walked balancing a baseball bat on one finger (14.48 km; 9 mi).
Ahsrita's affection for pogo stick record-breaking extends to holding records for Fastest time to pogo stick jump up the CN Tower, Most apples sliced on a pogo stick in one minute, Greatest distance juggling on a pogo stick, Fastest mile on a pogo stick while dribbling a basketball, Most skips on a pogo stick in one minute (male) and riding the Shortest useable pogo stick
"I love exercising, I love using my body to transcend limits. At this point I do consider myself something of an athlete," the prolific challenger told Guinness World Records on his last visit to our London headquarters.
"Guinness World Records to me is an incredible opportunity for people to face challenges, to learn about themselves, to overcome physical and mental limitations, to become creative, to really push themselves beyond their limits. To really learn more about themselves and get tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment. 
"I'm just very grateful to be a part of it and I'm honoured to be the guy with the most records."