Darren Taylor (USA), aka 'Professor Splash', dives 10.3 m (33 ft 10 in) into a pool of water just 30 cm (12 in) deep on 22 October. He goes on to break his record numerous times, most recently surviving a 11.56-m (37-ft 11-in) plunge in September 2014.
To prove he’s the master of more than one element, Taylor also achieves the record for highest shallow dive into fire on 21 June 2014, jumping from a height of 8 m (26 ft 3 in) into a pool of flames.
Professor Splash has appeared on US and Japanese TV on several occasions, notably in 2011 when he reached the semi-finals of America's Got Talent.
But doesn't it hurt? “Yes, it hurts, but the pain lasts for a minute, while the glory lasts a lifetime!” explained the Professor after achieving another record title.
Injuries have occurred - he's sustained eight concussions during his career but never broken any bones. “I hate it but I love it. It brings me joy but keeps me awake for two days before I perform — and scared to death,” Taylor told NBC News.
Needless to say, Taylor has many years of experience with shallow diving, having been diving from perilous heights for thirty years - so this certainly isn’t one to try at home!