ivan yu close up with millennium falcon

A Canadian student with a passion for Star Wars has obliterated the record for building the Millennium Falcon out of LEGO®.

Ivan Yu set the fastest time to build the LEGO® Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon™ with a time of 7 hr 36 min 37 sec on 2 December 2023.

The 20-year-old beat the previous record by almost three hours.

Luke Chapman (USA) had built it in 10 hr 21 min 43 sec in 2021.

Before him, Joshua LaFrance (USA) was the first person to set the record, earlier in 2021, with a time of 21 hr 36 min 29 sec.

Ivan says he’s always been a big fan of Star Wars, and particularly liked the designs of the spaceships, such as the Millennium Falcon or the Star Destroyer.

He told us: “I also collected a lot of LEGO and to this day I still enjoy building LEGO in my free time, so when this Millennium Falcon set came out a few years ago I knew I had to get it, so I saved up for it and when I finally got it I came across a video that Guinness World Records had made of the previous record attempt and I thought to myself, ‘Hey it would be pretty cool to beat that record’.”

The Millennium Falcon set comprises of 7,541 pieces and retails at $849.99 (£734.99).

ivan yu building his millennium falcon

Ivan took his record attempt very seriously, and conducted a lot of research before he began his build.

He explained: “So, this was my first time building the Millennium Falcon but before I attempted the record I did want to do some practice runs, practising with some of the smaller LEGO Star Wars sets I have, like the AT-TE and the AT-AT, both of which took me a little over an hour and that gave me a lot of confidence for the actual record attempt.

“In addition, I also did some research on the past record holders and some of their strategies and also spent a lot of time reviewing the instructions, using a pen and sticky notes to annotate certain instructions that I thought were unclear or difficult to see.”

Ivan says the building process was a lot of fun and that he got so far into the zone that the seven and a half hours flew by.

ivan yu three hours into his build

He did encounter a couple of issues though.

“My fingertips and my back did hurt at the end of the build," he confessed. "So, if I ever attempt a record like this again, I’ll probably want a standing desk or a better set-up."

He added: “In the first bag of the set you’re just building out the skeleton for the ship and it’s a little bit hard to tell the front from the back.

“In one of the steps I forgot to rotate the set around and ended up placing a bunch of the pieces in the wrong direction, and then I had to go back and undo all of those pieces.

ivan yu working on the millennium falcon

“In that moment, I actually felt really worried about completing the record and I was wondering if I should restart since I was only about 30 minutes into the build at that point.”

Ivan decided to soldier on and became a record breaker despite his set-back!

His Millennium Falcon is on display next to his desk so he can enjoy looking at it all the time.

In the future, he says he’d love to break some more LEGO Star Wars records, and even have a crack at shaving some time off his Millennium Falcon build.

ivan yu holding up his millennium falcon

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