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A speedy UK woman has followed her dad’s footsteps into the record books as the world’s fastest window cleaner.

Aliscia Burrows smashed the female record by cleaning three standard 114.3 x 114.3 cm (45 x 45 in) office windows in just 16.13 seconds.

Her dad, Terry “Turbo” Burrows, has broken the male record numerous times since 1997, most recently in 2009 with an astonishing 9.14 seconds.

“I don’t have a nickname although the media has tried to encourage one,” Aliscia quipped.

The 33-year-old has never been a professional window cleaner and works in the automotive industry, but she learned from the best.

Aliscia grew up watching her dad compete and reach the top of his game.

She broke her own record on 13 March at the Manchester Cleaning Show, and her dad was there to cheer her on.

My dad is over the moon about it! My dad’s passion is to maintain his own record, so it’s quite special we now have a matching record.

She added: “Although I’ve never been in the window cleaning trade, my childhood was very much involved with it. I’d sometimes go to London with my dad and watch him working, I’d attend the window cleaning shows which were hosted by the Federation of Window Cleaners. 

aliscias dad has the male version of the record

“Whilst there I’d enter the children’s window cleaning competition. I can remember I came last, and I was frustrated that I didn’t win!

 “I would also watch my dad on the TV a lot and he’d always promise to take my autograph book and ask whoever it was he met to sign the book. I’ve still got the autograph book, which is filled with signatures including Maroon 5, Donny Osmond, S Club, Richard and Judy, Des O’Connor, and lots more!”

In 2019, while supporting her dad as he attempted to break his own world record at a cleaning show, Aliscia decided to attempt the women’s record, with the event organizers putting up a cash prize of £1,000.

aliscia is the fastest female window cleaner

She said: “I didn’t beat the record but this is where both me and my dad started to talk about the possibilities of having a matching record. I thought it would be great to achieve considering it’s been a big part of my life.

My dad showed me the ropes after that competition, and after that it became quite natural, and I picked it up really quickly – probably due to all the years I’ve watched my dad!

Mum-of-one Aliscia says she doesn’t think she’ll ever be as quick as her dad due to his years of practice, but she’s thrilled they now have matching records.

After beating the female record by 0.15 seconds, Aliscia plans to build her speed up and break it again.

aliscia cleaning windows

And she has may other talents to be proud of. She’s a former performing arts student who has performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London, and is also a trained scuba diver.

Aliscia’s top tips for cleaning your windows

1.    Wash your windows on a cloudy day as the sun may dry out the lather quickly which will leave you with streaks.

2.    Remove blinds or curtains – if you leave them on, any dust or dirt on them may leave marks on the window.

3.    For a natural cleaning solution, add equal parts of white vinegar to warm water and give it a stir. Too many soap suds can leave streaks so avoid mixing the water too much.

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