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17-year-old football fan Hassan Dawy (Lebanon) has smashed the record for the most football teams identified by team badge in one minute, achieving a total of 70.

Presented with a slideshow of club crests from football leagues all around the world – including the Brazilian Serie A, the USA’s MLS, and many from Europe – Hassan was able to name the teams at a rapid rate of over one per second, almost doubling the previous record of 36, set by Bhavya Chandan (India) in 2021.

Being able to identify and speak the names of 70 teams in 60 seconds is especially impressive because some of the team names were quite long, and Hassan was not allowed to use nicknames or abbreviations. For example, he was required to say ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ rather than the more commonly used ‘PSG’.

Any badges featuring team names or acronyms had the text covered so that Hassan could not just simply read them out.

In the lead up to this record attempt, Hassan practised for a minimum of one hour per day, ensuring he was confident in his ability to recall every team’s badge.

Hassan has achieved two memory-related records in the past, which have since been broken by other people: fastest time to identify all national flags and most currencies identified in one minute.

Speaking about his most recent record attempt, Hassan said: “Relative to my previous records, this one went pretty smoothly for me.”

He decided to attempt this particular record because he’s an avid football fan and has been following the sport since he was a young child. His favourite team is FC Bayern Munich, the current champions of Germany, whom he has supported for his whole life.

Hassan at the Germany vs Spain match at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Hassan’s attempt took place at his school, located in Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut.

On the same day, his classmate Jad Kilani also successfully broke a record for the most companies identified by their logo in 30 seconds, with a total of 44. This has already been broken by someone else (India’s Ashwin Kumar, who identified 54 logos), which goes to show just how competitive these recall records are.

Hassan, who buys the Guinness World Records book every year, is excited that he now has the possibility of being included in a future edition. “It feels great!” he said.

Hassan holding his GWR certificates for the fastest time to identify all national flags and the most currencies identified in one minute

His main advice for anyone seeking to break a world record is to remain disciplined. “When something good happens, contain your excitement until you completely achieve something,” he explained.

“This way you don’t lose interest quickly especially since breaking a record is a very long process.”

Hassan speaks from experience as he spent almost the entire summer of 2021 practising to break the record for the fastest time to identify all national flags, which he attempted over 1,000 times before finally achieving success.

“Think of it as a journey, rather than a destination and enjoy it from start to end while constantly working hard.”

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