The saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend... but how about crystals?

At Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni fashion show, bridal shop Michela Ferriero (Italy) unveiled a wedding dress that consisted of 50,890 Swarovsky crystals, breaking the record for most crystals on a wedding dress on 14 April 2023. 

Michela Ferriero is a bridal fashion brand that specialises in luxury and bespoke wedding dresses.

The brand’s ethos has always been to create not just unforgettable and high-quality dresses, but works of art.

woman modelling most crystals on a wedding dress world record

The record-breaking dress offers a tight-fitting silhouette, sweetheart neckline and transparent material.

Even the gloves are adorned with crystals to ensure the bridge sparkles with every move.

 full length picture of most crystals on a wedding dress world record

Creating the dress took four months of planning and dedication.

The creation, designed by co-founder Michaela Ferriero, included first researching materials that could best bring the idea to life.

After the design was finalized, the designer worked with a pattern maker and a team of seamstresses - experts in their field - to create the dress.

close up of individual crystals on wedding dress

As the bodice would have to hold thousands of crystals, extra care was taken to create the dress’s foundation. 

The individual crystals were first sewn into the tulle base of the dress, the crystal fringes on the bodice, the gloves, and lastly the crystal chains on the back to provide a cascade of light.

crystals being sewn into the wedding dress

It took a painstaking 200 working hours to sew each crystal.

On the day of the show, the dress was worn by model Marche Gelany Cav-alcante. 

As per Guinness World Records guidelines, all crystals used must be genuine, commercially available and have a certificate of quality and authenticity.

“When you have the ones you love on your side, each one of your dreams can come true, even the greatest and challenging one." -Michela Ferriero, Co-Founder and Designer

The previous record was held by by Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim Ltd. (Turkey) and presented at the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall, in Istanbul, Turkey, on 29 January 2011 with 45,024 crystals.

This year, we’ve seen another record-breaking wedding dress of the edible kind, with the largest wearable cake dress (supported) by SweetyCakes (Switzerland).

michaela ferriero awarded gwr certificate for most crystals on a wedding dress

Congratulations to Michela Ferriero and team!

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