spilt image largest collection of iron man Peru

With a whopping total of 1,548 pieces, Miguel Andrés Javier’s officially owns the largest collection of Iron Man memorabilia.  

Miguel (Peru) started his impressive collection in 2007, a year prior to the first film's release. This assortment encompasses various objects such as figures, balls, and cards all printed with the image of billionaire Tony Stark and his alter ego.

Javier and his Iron Man Collection

His very first item was a yellow and red 16 cm (6.29921 in) tall Iron Man action figure. He bought it second-hand with some missing parts in his hometown of Lima, Peru.  

Already a fan, Miguel was inspired to grow his collection after seeing American actor Robert Downey Jr. take on the role in a string of hit Marvel movies.

He enjoys the character’s sense of humour, spontaneity of thought, and calmness in the face of adversity. 

Miguel also appreciates the characteristics that some may consider negative, like his arrogance and ego, as they make him less perfect and more relatable.

He finds it fascinating that the movie doesn’t show the perfect superhero, but someone more real. 

“I have discovered that there are many people who appreciate the character, Iron Man, as well as the actor, Robert Downey Jr." 

He has found passion, discipline and joy in discovering new objects. Some of the most interesting and hard-to-get items in his collection are: 

  • Iron Man Hulkbuster: This is an action figure from the Marvel Legends line, manufactured by the company, Toybiz. 
  • Tony Stark and his House of Armor Pack (Hall of Armors): A set containing several 3.75 in action figures, showing Tony Stark and his armors, inspired by the movie Iron Man 3. 
  • Iron Man Mark IV: This is a 6 in action figure that shows Iron Man wearing black glasses and was manufactured by the Hasbro company. He remembers it was a very scarce item in Peru and once, with a lot of luck, he found a collector who was selling it. It already had some wear, but that did not stop him from adding it to his collection. 

However, his favorite object is an action figure measuring 15 cm (5.9055 in) tall that corresponds to the Mark IV armor, in which you also see the face of Stark. This unique figure highlights the metallic red and yellow colors and was manufactured by the Japanese company, Bandai. 

As Miguel's collection grows, obtaining new pieces becomes increasingly challenging. However, each addition to his memorabilia brings him great happiness, pride and joy.

Largest Collection of Iron Man Memorabilia with helmet

The Iron Man enthusiast takes very good care of his collection by wrapping each object and placing them in cardboard boxes to protect them from the elements. Each one has a tag with relevant information like the description of the item, manufacturer and a number. 

Besides his passion for collecting Iron Man items, Miguel is also an avid reader. 

In an effort to inspire people of all ages to read, he creates videos sharing recommendations of the books he has read and shares them on social media. 

Miguel holding GWR certificate

For Miguel, achieving a Guinness World Records title has brought him great satisfaction and he hopes to use it to inspire others. 

“Achieving a goal is not impossible, but it is a road that needs to be travelled with courage, passion, order and a lot of discipline. Do not be afraid to try to break a record, because the satisfaction is very great”. 

His relatives and friends were very happy and proud of his achievement. When Miguel mentioned to them that he was a Guinness World Records title holder they shouted, hugged, and congratulated him. They felt very proud of the hard work Miguel has shown through the years as he built his extensive collection.  

Miguel wants to continue to expand his collection - in fact, he is ready to break his own record. 

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