A schoolgirl who turned her passion into a flourishing career has made history as the youngest certified yoga instructor in the world.

Praanvi Gupta (India) is the youngest yoga instructor (female) at just 7 years 165 days old.

The remarkably young professional was approved and certified as an RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) by the Yoga Alliance Organization, after completing the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

She's even younger than the youngest yoga instructor (male)  Reyansh Surani (India), who received his certification in July 2021, at the age of 9 years and 220 days.

praanvi gupta yoga ceremony

Praanvi’s journey began when she was just 3.5 years old and would watch her mother practise yoga at home. After spending a few months sitting next to her and imitating the various yoga poses, she soon started practising yoga on her own.

At the age of seven, Praanvi was then enrolled in yoga classes which she attended during her school breaks at the Vedic Yoga Centre.

Through classes, she discovered her passion for teaching. “I want to spread the love of yoga to as many people as possible!”, Praanvi said.

A few months later, encouraged by her yoga instructor, she started the Yoga Teachers Training Program.

youngest yoga instructor female yoga pose at home

“This journey was not an easy one, because of my regular school which was also ongoing,” Praanvi explains. “But, with great support from my teachers and parents, I’m happy that I successfully completed and passed the qualification exam of Yoga Teachers Training Course.”

One of her teachers, Medical Director and Ayurveda Practitioner Dr Seema Kamath, commented: “Praanvi has been a very enthusiastic student with a calm mind and willingness to learn. [She] is a blessed child, and later she turned out to be one of the brightest students I have ever met at this age. She has been very attentive and dedicated in all the classes.”

Her teachers and Gurus, Dr Vincent Earth Kottayil and Dr Soorya, are both very proud of her achievement.

youngest yoga instructor female practicing yoga at home

Amongst her various records and awards, Praanvi has also won Gold medals in International Olympiads for her exemplary achievements!

Her love of teaching inspired her to create her own YouTube channel, Learning with Praanvi, where she shares her journey with people around the world and educates them on the art and philosophy of yoga.

praanvi gupta yoga teaching

After finding out that she is a Guinness World Records title holder, she decided to make a short and easy yoga class especially for kids, which we shared with our young audience at GWR Kids.

Watch it here:

Praanvi thinks that yoga can be beneficial for kids and adults alike. It helps improve focus and contributes to an overall healthier and happier life.

Her advice is: “Dream big and believe in yourself!”

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