nick stoeberl split showing off tongue and preparing to paint

The man with the longest tongue in the world made a rather unique TV appearance today when he showed off his painting skills.

Nick Stoeberl (USA), who holds the record for longest tongue (male) with a measurement of 10.1 cm (3.97 in) joined Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the This Morning sofa during his first ever visit to the UK.

The giggling hosts looked on in disbelief as Nick wrapped his record-breaking tongue in cling film to paint a portrait of them live on the ITV show.

nick strobel shows off his long tongue on this morning

“I feel like I shouldn’t be watching you do this, it feels very personal,” Holly joked.

Turning the canvas around to reveal his creation, he said: “It’s hard to capture the beauty of you both, but I did my best.”

Holly laughed: “I’m very small compared to Phil, I’m almost like a little parrot on your shoulder.”

“A little pea head,” Phil teased.

As they chatted, the hosts pointed out the average male tongue is 8.5 cm (3.3 in), with the average female tongue being slightly smaller.

Nick’s tongue is so long that he can even lick his elbow, something that is seen as being impossible for a person to do.

nick strobel wraps his tongue in cling film

As he revealed he works as an American government official – saying he can’t go into further detail about what he does – he joked: “I may or may not be the result of a government experiment like The Hulk, if I’m not careful I may turn green.”

Nick said he first noticed his tongue was longer than usual when as a child he’d cheekily stick it out at people.

And in high school, he was given the nickname Gene Simmons, after the long-tongued KISS rocker.

nick strobel pours paint on his tongue

Nick’s record was verified after a medical professional took measurements of his tongue from the tip to the closed upper lip and signed a statement to prove how long it is.

When it comes to his artwork, Nick has named another moniker – Lickasso.

He may have a very different style to Picasso, but Nick has made as much as $1,200 (£996.88) by selling his paintings.

nick strobel paints with his tongue

Nick picked up the unusual hobby after seeing a YouTube video of a man painting with his tongue and deciding to give it a go himself.

Nick has held his record since 2012 and for comparison, the longest tongue (female) record is held by Chanel Tapper (USA) with a measurement of 9.75 cm (3.8 in).

nick strobel shows phil and holly his painting

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