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A basketball player flew into the air to pull off the highest between the legs slam dunk in an incredible blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

Piotr “Grabo” Grabowski (Poland) soared 3.2 metres (10 ft 5 in) high while passing the ball underneath his leg from one hand to the other to bag himself a shiny new Guinness World Records title.

A standard NBA basketball hoop stands at 3.05 metres (10 ft), a height most of us could only ever dream of reaching.

grabo leaps through the air

So that extra 15 cm certainly makes a big difference!

The record-breaking moment was organised by global technology brand HONOR in a bid to demonstrate the camera capabilities of the new HONOR Magic5 Series smartphone.

Using HONOR’s new AI Motion Sensing technology, the phone was able to automatically capture the momentous slam dunk.

grabo gets his certificate

When enabled, the AI-powered camera recognizes different scenarios such as jumping, automatically identifying the best moment to capture. As Grabo attempted a new world record, the camera automatically detected and captured the highest point of his jump, removing the need for someone to manually take a photograph.

The highest between the legs slam dunk is a new GWR category, and the minimum for the record was set at 3.15 m (10 ft 4 in) – 10cm (3.9 in) higher than a standard hoop.

It proved to be no contest for Dunk Elite professional slam dunker Grabo, who nailed it on his first attempt at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London, UK.

highest slam dunk between the legs

Two-time FIBA 3x3 World Champion Grabo then asked for the hoop to be raised to 3.2 m, and after a few practice runs, he secured the impressive record.

After celebrating his achievement, Grabo told us: “It’s crazy because yesterday I wasn’t sure that I would make it on 3.15 m, I thought it would be very hard, but I did it on the first attempt.

“After that, I decided to try at 3.2 m and I thought it would be impossible – but I made it!

highest slam dunk between the legs captured by honor

grabos slam dunk captured by honor

“It’s a crazy feeling because in dunking just a couple of centimetres can make a very big difference.”

“Basketball is part of my DNA. Each time I jump up to dunk, I’m pushing against the force of gravity and pushing myself to the limit. When I break records, it feels like magic. I hope this inspires people around the world to unleash their own power of magic.” - Piotr “Grabo” Grabowski

Ray Guo, Chief Marketing Officer at HONOR Device Co, Ltd said: “By creating products that offer creative solutions, we want to motivate our customers to unleash the magic within them all and strive to achieve extraordinary things. 

grabo slam dunks

“Sport enhances human spirit. We’re delighted to have been able to record this breath-taking moment with our ground-breaking camera technology.”

“We believe everyone has their own moment worth celebrating,” added Karen Gilchrist, Vice President of TV and Digital Content at Guinness World Records. 

“In this attempt, timing and precision is everything. It is up to us to do justice to these extraordinary achievements and to portray the action in the best possible way. We used the HONOR Magic5 Pro to capture the record-breaking moment in clear, ultra-fast speed and the results are unmissable.” 

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