Julius Bille is a talented trampolinist who, despite his young age, had the courage to showcase his skills in front of a large audience, on the set of our Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record on 4 February 2022.

The 13-year-old from Frankfurt, Germany, broke the record for the fastest time to burst 20 balloons with backwards somersaults on a trampoline with the impressive time of 44.37 seconds.

The Italian host, Gerry Scotti, was very impressed with the young boy’s achievement. As he commented: “This is a complicated record to attempt, especially for a 13-year-old.”

For this record, Julius wore plimsolls tipped with drawing pins in order to pop the balloons, which were hanging from a rotating pole, by bouncing head over heels on a trampoline.

During the attempt, he occasionally missed a few balloons but, overall, he successfully popped most of them without difficulty, causing the audience to burst into applause.

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julius jumping holding record certificate on red background

The GWR Official Adjudicators Sofia Greenacre and Lorenzo Veltri were there to verify and announce the record result.

Whilst explaining the guidelines they informed the audience that the record to beat was 82.66 seconds. But, as Gerry pointed out, Julius managed to burst all 20 balloons in almost half the time!

In fact, the acrobatic feat was achieved on the first attempt.

Julius was accompanied by his dad and coach who, during the attempt, was in charge of moving the pole at the right speed to facilitate Julius in achieving the best possible result.

The host made sure to congratulate him as well, acknowledging the important role he played in supporting and helping young Julius win a record title.

Congratulations, you are Officially Amazing!

julius and dad hugging

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