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Memory coach Abhay Kumar (India) has broken his own record for the most calendar dates calculated mentally in one minute.

Presented with random dates ranging from the year AD 1 to AD 10000, Abhay was tasked with calculating which day of the week each date fell on.

He correctly named 19 days in 60 seconds, surpassing his previous record of 16, which he achieved last year.

Abhay calculated dates such as: 14 February 4621 (Sunday), 2 July 6382 (Friday), 9 May 7693 (Saturday), and 19 December 7675 (Thursday).

Similar record attempts have been performed in the past by others; most notably by Yusnier Viera, who demonstrated his mental-calculation talent on TV shows such as Superhuman Showdown and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, the key difference between Yusnier’s record attempts and Abhay’s is that Yusnier calculated dates from a span of 500 years, whereas Abhay was required to do a more challenging span of 10,000 years.

Abhay calculating calendar dates on computer

Abhay says he developed his own method for working out the day of any given date, which “heavily relies on memory and mental calculations”.

His preparation for this record attempt involved around one and a half years of “rigorous practise” to improve his calculation speed.

My aim is to motivate my students by showing them nothing is impossible. - Abhay

In addition to this calendar-calculation skill, Abhay says he can perform many other feats of memory. For example, he can recall “hundreds of digits or words” after hearing them once, and he can memorize the order of a deck of cards in mere minutes.

Earlier this year he also achieved another Guinness World Records title for the most countries identified by passports in one minute (91), beating the previous record by four.

Abhay holding GWR certificate

“I feel an immense sense of pride to have become a Guinness World Records title holder,” Abhay said.

“This accomplishment was a childhood dream come true, and it bolsters my confidence, affirming that I am officially part of something truly amazing.”

As a certified memory master, Abhay is using his talents to help Indian students improve their recall abilities.

In addition to being the founder of AspirantJet, a memory coaching service, Abhay recently launched the ‘Mission Million MindShine’ programme, through which he aims to provide free memory training to one million financially challenged students by conducting seminars at schools.

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