split image of jan schillay and jim niebler holding gwr book and sweaters

Two LIVE with Kelly and Ryan producers have just broken a long sought after record, and you SWEATER believe it’s one for the books! 

After four gallant attempts to achieve the Guinness World Records title for the most jumpers put on in 30 seconds (team of two), the hosts of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan are yet to bring home the title. 


In a twist of fate, after Kelly and Ryan’s most recent attempt, two of the show’s producers, Jan Schillay and Jim Niebler, smashed the record. 

Once the cameras stopped filming, Jan and Jim came up with their own strategy. 

After carefully constructing the scene, the producers proved their skills span farther than behind the scenes!  

With a grand total of nine sweaters, on site Adjudicator Michael Empric was able to confirm that the pair had successfully achieved the record.  

Annually, Guinness World Records and Live with Kelly and Ryan team up for Record Breaker Week. 

A full week of record breaking, Record Breaker Week celebrates record-breaking fun during the month of September. 

On 15 September 2022, Kelly and Ryan first attempted the record for the most jumpers put on in 30 seconds (team of two)

The on-air pair strategized and decided to have Ryan be the one to put the sweaters on, while Kelly’s role was to assist with adjusting and pulling the sweaters as needed. 

Kelly kicked off her heels to assist Ryan as her co-host kneeled in position, bracing himself for what they were sure would be the record attempt that would finally take the cake. 

“I’ll be helping Ryan because frankly, he’s never dressed himself,” joked Kelly. 

“I’m in the zone please. I dress with normally a lot of quiet and not a lot of eyeballs,” said Ryan. 

As in sync as the charismatic co-hosts are, their chemistry did not translate to dressing one another.  

While it was an extremely close attempt, they walked away with seven sweaters.  

“This is a stupid game,” Kelly exclaimed.  

However, Kelly and Ryan remained determined and decided to attempt the record once again during their annual “Ugly Christmas Sweater” episode on 16 December 2022. 
Although it was a commendable effort, one stubborn sweater had other plans and the team walked away with a grand total of five. 
Kelly and Ryan were not ready to accept defeat, announcing to their audience that they would reattempt anytime they could. 
So, on 19 December 2022, they chased the record again during their beloved annual holiday episode, “Home for the Holidays.” 
Despite their persistence and dedication, when the stopwatch buzzed Ryan was only wearing seven sweaters.  
During a staff holiday party, a clip of producers Jan and Jim was played, showing the two trying their hand at the record and tying the number that stood at eight. 
Not to be outdone, Kelly and Ryan attempted the record once more during the "Viewer’s Choice Show" on 20 January 2022. 
Although it was an admirable attempt, they achieved seven sweaters and heartbreakingly didn't get the record.  
However, after the cameras stopped rolling, Jan and Jim decided to attempt the record again to beat their own attempt and become the sole holders of the record title.  
With every ounce of determination they had, they achieved nine sweaters, becoming the title holders for the most jumpers put on in 30 seconds (team of two)
While Guinness World Records and LIVE with Kelly and Ryan feature incredible record holders during Record Breaker Week every year, Kelly and Ryan have also been a part of the record- breaking themselves. 
Notably, in 2022, they achieved the most effervescent tablet rockets launched with Science Bob and, in 2019, Kelly was part of the most ballet dancers en pointe simultaneously
Guinness World Records has also honoured the executive producer Michael Gelman on-air for the most morning shows produced by an individual
Jan and Jim now join the crew of Guinness World Records title holders for the most jumpers put on in 30 seconds (team of two)
While Kelly and Ryan haven’t been able to achieve it (yet), it's very exciting that Jan and Jim were! 

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