split image of Wesley Williams riding the worlds tallest unicycle

Wesley Williams aka "The One Wheel Wonder" has taken the art of unicycle riding to unprecedented new heights.

Wesley, 25, from Florida, USA, has built – and successfully ridden – the world’s tallest rideable unicycle, measuring 9.71 m (31 ft 10 in).

It’s almost a metre taller than the previous tallest unicycle, which was also built by Wesley, back in 2020. Before that, Mushegh Khachatryan (Armenia) held the record with a 6-m (19-ft-8.2-in) high unicycle.

“I am always striving to do more and take things to the next level. If that means breaking my own records, so be it.” – Wesley Williams


Tallest ridable unicycle: 9.71 m (31 ft 10 in) by Wesley Williams - The One Wheel Wonder 🇺🇸

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Wesley has broken his own record just over a year after breaking his back during the semi-final of Spain’s Got Talent 2021.

While performing, Wesley’s unicycle malfunctioned, causing him to fall over eight metres (27 ft) to the floor.

He suffered extremely severe injuries, requiring five operations, two metal plates, 35 screws, and 83 stitches. Wesley later revealed that the accident nearly paralyzed him.

Two months after the unfortunate event, he shared on his Instagram that he was walking in orthopaedic boots with the help of a walker, “far ahead of any doctor prognosis.”

After a long recovery, no one would have blamed Wesley for leaving the dangerous world of unicycle riding behind him.

However, The One Wheel Wonder had no intention of stopping. In fact, he decided to go bigger than ever.

Firstly, he returned to the scene of his traumatic accident to finish what he started.

Wesley entered Spain's Got Talent 2022 and once again dazzled the audience and judges on his way to the semi-final, where he - while attached to a safety harness - successfully completed the stunt that hospitalized him one year earlier.

Wesley Williams riding his record-breaking unicycle at Weltweihnachts Circus on 29 December 2022

Wesley then set his sights on the Weltweihnachts Circus in Stuttgart, Germany, which is considered to be among the world’s most prestigious Christmas circuses.

For Wesley, this was the perfect event to celebrate his recovery - and what better way to do it than by breaking his own record?

In order to successfully achieve the record, challengers must ride the unicycle over a distance of at least 8.5 metres (27 ft 10 in) without falling off and without any support. A safety harness may be worn, however, it must in no way support the rider in balancing.

The unicycle does not need to be scaled-up in proportion with a regular-sized unicycle; in fact, the wheel must remain regular-sized.

Wesley Williams riding the unicycle and laughing

On 29 December 2022, Wesley assembled his new record-breaking unicycle and prepared to mount it at Weltweihnachts Circus.

Although the pressure was high, Wesley seemed at home atop the unicycle, flawlessly performing the breathtaking stunt.

He completed a lap of the stage to cover the required distance, successfully achieving his Guinness World Records title.

After suffering such severe injuries 14 months prior to the attempt, Wesley has displayed tremendous resiliency to make a full recovery and perform again at the highest level.

Wesley says he wants to use this record to prove to others that nothing is impossible.

Wesley Williams riding the tallest unicycle

After having achieved this astounding feat, Wesley isn’t taking any time off. 

Currently, he’s at the 45th Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo, where he's performing as a featured attraction alongside other renowned circus artists such as René Casselly, Kris Kremo, and Alex Giona.

Speaking about the event, Wesley said, “It is every circus performer's dream. I used to tell my mom growing up ‘Mom, do you think I can perform in Monte Carlo, one day?’ Now my time has come and I am ready to give my absolute all. I have waited all my life for this moment!"

We look forward to witnessing The One Wheel Wonder continue to perform his high-altitude antics all around the world!

Wesley Williams smiling while measuring the unicycle

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