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That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for guinea pig-kind!

Grace Hoiness and her furry friend Abby (USA) are celebrating after earning the record for highest bar jump by a guinea pig by clearing an impressive 22 cm (8.6 inches) height.

Grace, an 18-year-old college student from Oregon, noticed American crested Abby, who was two and a half at the time, had a love for leaping and decided to help hone her skills by introducing her to increasingly bigger jumps.

abby the guinea pig

And it seems Abby is a natural athlete – easily clearing the height needed to secure the record.

Grace, who is studying environmental sciences, said: “I realized that Abby was so great at jumping when she learned how to jump over the obstacle in a day. 

“She was a very fast learner, and in about a week, she was jumping over it without me even instructing her to do so.

“It feels awesome to have the record, and I think that Abby is excited as well.”

Grace has two guinea pigs – Abby, now three, and Cookiepig, who she welcomed into her home just a couple of months ago. She’s rehomed or rescued others in the past too.

abby the guinea pig with grace hoiness

She loves how ‘sweet and friendly’ the animals are, and it seems they love her just as much.

“They squeak every time I walk into the room and love to snuggle with me,” Grace explained.

Abby will likely be celebrating her new record title by tucking into some of her favourite veggies – although Grace admits her pet can be rather picky.

She said: “Abby is very friendly and energetic. She loves to run around my bedroom floor and have zoomies all over her cage. 

abby the guinea pig sitting in owner graces lap

“One thing about her is that she is extremely picky, she refuses to eat most veggies except lettuce, cilantro, cucumber, and sometimes peppers.

“I have tried for years to get her to eat other veggies but she simply refuses and just leaves them in her cage. I think she is the only guinea pig in the world who will not eat everything that she sees.”

But watch out, Abby - Cookiepig is now also learning to jump and may end up taking the record from you in the future!

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